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We are always looking for new students to join our team.

Is this for You?

If you ever wondered how to design, develop, and deploy an awesome global system, how to understand and analyze its properties, why your experiments show different results on each evaluation, why debugging distributed systems is so difficult, or what it would take to make your computer 100-1,000,000 times faster, then you are a perfect fit with our research group. You are invited to join.

How to Join?

Contact to join us!

Let's start our collaboration! We have for you a diverse selection of bachelor projects, masters thesis projects, stand-alone research projects, and variety of topics for literature surveys. These projects are part of our cutting-edge research on distributed (eco)systems, storage and networking.

What Can We Do Together?

Our general philosophy is that we want to help everybody develop to their true potential, and not waste their talent.

Don't worry if you don't have all the skills at the start of the project. That's what we're here for. We have a strong focus on training students like you to become top-notch computer scientists. For example, our team of experts will help you onboard quickly, give you technical advice, help you formulate new concepts, explore with you design alternatives, etc.

You can make a mark in the scientific world, and at the same time help our research group get real-world impact through a strong scientific and technical contribution. The following publications are the direct result of AtLarge student projects from the last few years:

Bachelor Theses

A Systematic Design Space Exploration of Datacenter Schedulers
Nebu: A topology-aware deployment system for reliable virtualized multi-cluster environments

Master Theses

Experimental Performance Analysis of Graph Analytics Frameworks
The Design, Productization, and Evaluation of a Serverless Workflow-Management System
Workload Characterization and Modeling, and the Design and Evaluation of Cache Policies for Big Data Storage Workloads in the Cloud
Design and Experimental Evaluation of a System based on Dynamic Conits for Scaling Minecraft-like Environments
Design and Evaluation of a Portfolio Scheduler for Business-Critical Workloads Hosted in Cloud Datacenters

Literature Surveys

Procedural content generation for games: A survey.
TOMCCAP 9(1): 1:1-1:22 (2013)
Survey of Graph Analysis Applications