We are Massivizing Computer Systems, that is, making (distributed) computer systems scalable, reliable, performant, etc., yet forming efficient, engineered ecosystems available to everyone. Our work improves large-scale infrastructure, datacenters, cloud computing, big data, and numerous popular applications in the Digital Economy. Want to learn more? or Want to understand our research?

Our Mission

1. Improve the lives of millions through impactful research.
2. Educate the new generation of top-quality, socially responsible professionals.
3. Make innovation available to society and industry.
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Amsterdam, the NetherlandsDelft University of Technology, Delft, the NetherlandsUC Berkeley, CA, USAU. Innsbrueck, AustriaPolitehnica University of Bucharest, RomaniaTechnion, Haifa, IsraelTU Dortmund, Germany
Google Inc., Mountain View, CA, USAIBM TJ Watson Research Center, NY, USAIntel Labs, Portland, OR, USANerdalize, the NetherlandsThe Netherlnds e-Science Center, the NetherlandsNWO, the NetherlandsOracle Labs, SF, CA, USASalesforce, the NetherlandsSolvinity, the NetherlandsSTW, the Netherlands
COMMIT/, the NetherlandsCWI Amsterdam, the NetherlandsDistributed ASCI Supercomputer 5, the NetherlandsDelft Data Science, the NetherlandsGWDG, Goettingen, GermanyHuawei Research, SF, USA and Munich, GermanyLDBC, international organizationSAP, GermanySPEC Research, international organizationUPC Barcelona, SpainUniversity of Amsterdam, the NetherlandsU. Wuertzburg, GermanyAlpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt

Future Computer Systems and Networking Research in the Netherlands: A Manifesto

For the past year, we have been working on a Manifesto on the future of Computer Systems and Networking research in the Netherlands (CompSysNL). The CompSysNL Manifesto is now online [1]; a 2-page executive summary ready for sending around is also available [2]. We are a large, cross-institutional community of scientists and technology experts (30+ co-signatories, 7 universities, 5 research institutes and organizations, etc.) Also check out who’s who in CompSysNL [3].

#CompSysNL #Manifesto #computersystems #computernetworks #infrastructure #ICT


  1. Executive Summary (2 pages)
  2. Full version (40+ pages)
  3. Who’s who in CompSysNL?

Inauguration Seminar overview

The inauguration will be available via a live stream as well .

The overview of the inauguration seminar can be found here.

Venues currently (co-)organized by @Large

ISPDC 2019

Euro-Par 2019, Track 5 on Data Management, Analytics and Deep Learning

ICPE 2020

Current Openings

Tenure-track Assistant Professor

Tenure-track Assistant Professor

We're very excited to be hiring!

Do you have a proven track record in Computer Science? Do you aim to advance your research in modern, software-intensive distributed systems and ecosystems, to address the challenges of emerging, post-Moore ICT infrastructure at scale? With us, you can develop further into a high-quality researcher that solves challenging problems in this area.

Also, want to help and know anyone who might be interested? Thank you and please let them know.

For more information, check the university job opening.

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Massivizing Datacenter Scheduling to Bring All Data Services to All People
LDBC Graphalytics

LDBC Graphalytics

Benchmarking suite for graph-processing platforms


Collaborative Datacenter Simulation and Exploration for Everybody


Massivizing Minecraft-like Networked Virtual Environments
Workflow Trace Archive

Workflow Trace Archive

Open-Access Data from Public and Private Computing Infrastructures


Computation Offloading for Distributed Sensor Applications
CPU-free Computing

CPU-free Computing

Reimagining Computing for the 21st Century


Best Artifact Award at IEEE ACSOS 2021
Our paper Empirical Characterization of User Reports about Cloud Failures won the best artifact award at IEEE ACSOS 2021. The artifact can be found on Github.
ADS Thesis Award 2020
For Nick-Andian Tehrany, who received the B.Sc. thesis award 2020 from Amsterdam Data Science for his thesis "Evaluating Performance Characteristics of the PMDK Persistent Memory Software Stack".
Best Graduate of the EEMCS Faculty at TU Delft 2020
For G. Andreadis, who was selected best graduate of 2020 for his M.Sc. thesis work and overall study results, by the dean of the EEMCS faculty at TU Delft.
Knighthood from Romania
In Nov 2020, the Romanian President recognized and knighted Alexandru Iosup (alongside two others) for our work in promoting the image of Romania in the Netherlands. Alexandru is now a Knight of the Cultural Merit Order of Romania.
TU Delft Best Graduate 2020
For G. Andreadis, in recognition for his research results concluded with his graduate thesis and a Masters degree at TU Delft. Work conducted in collaboration with Solvinity, a high-quality datacenter and hosting management company in the Netherlands.
First Dutch-lead Article Accepted at NSDI!
The work on performance variability lead by our very Alexandru Uta was accepted at NSDI 2020! The first-ever article led by a Dutch institution accepted at NSDI.
Hongyu He (VU) Receives Young Talent Incentive Award 2019
For H. He, for the best grades achieved in the first year at a Dutch institution for academic education.
Beste Paper Award IUCC 2017
The paper "SenseLE: Exploiting Spatial Locality in Decentralized Sensing Environments" titled co-authored by Alexandru Uta received best paper award at IUCC 2017.
Recognized as Member of the T500 (2017)
The Next Web and Young Creators elected L. Overweel as one of the most-promising under-25s in the Dutch digital scene.
First Place Prize World Port Hackathon, Rotterdam (2016)
For L. Overweel, D. Vos and W. Raateland, who created a prototype for a blockchain-based solution for smuggling detection in the Port of Rotterdam.
Inducted in the Royal Dutch Young Academy of Arts and Sciences (De Jonge Akademie), 2016
A. Iosup, for computer science research and related activities.
Winner of the Netherlands Award for ICT Research, 2016
For A. Iosup, for research breakthroughs in ICT.
Young Talent Incentive Award for Informatics and Computer Science, 2016
For G. Andreadis, for the best grades achieved in the first year at a Dutch institution for academic education.
Dutch Higher-Education Teacher of the Year 2015
For A. Iosup, awarded by the Minister of Education and ISO.
Best Lecturer of the TU Delft (2013-2014)
For A. Iosup.
Winner of the IEEE TCSC Scale Challenge. 2014
For B. Ghit, M. Capota, T. Hegeman, J. Hidders, D.H. J. Epema, and A. Iosup, "V for Vicissitude: The Challenge of Scaling Complex Big Data Workflows".
SPECtacular award, SPEC, 2013
For A. Iosup, for Technical Leadership ('13) and for Outstanding Service ('12).
Biggest Impact Award, ACM SC/MTAGS 2012
For A. Iosup, S. Ostermann, N. Yigitbasi, R. Prodan, Th. Fahringer and D.H.J. Epema, "Performance Analysis of Cloud Computing Services for MTC-Based Scientific Computing", IEEE TPDS 2011.
Best paper award, IEEE CCGrid 2010
For D. Kondo, B. Javadi, A. Iosup, D.H.J. Epema, "The Failure Trace Archive: Enabling Comparative Analysis of Failures in Diverse Distributed Systems".
Distinguished Paper Award, EuroPar Conference 2009
For A. Iosup, "POGGI: Puzzle-Based Online Games on Grid Infrastructure".
3rd-Place ACM SRC at ACM SuperComputing 2007
For A. Iosup, "GrenchMark: A Framework for Testing Large-Scale Distributed Computing Systems".
Best Paper & Best Student Nominations, ACM SuperComputing 2007
For A. Iosup, D.H.J. Epema, T. Tannenbaum, M. Farrellee and M. Livny, "Inter-operating Grids through Delegated MatchMaking".
Best Paper Award, IEEE P2P 2006 conference 2006
For P. Garbacki, A. Iosup, D.H.J. Epema, M. van Steen, "2Fast: Collaborative Downloads in P2P Networks".