Erwin van Eyk

Ph.D. student, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Research Focus
Resource management and scheduling for FaaS/microservices



Master Thesis
Course List

A Review of Serverless Use Cases and their Characteristics
IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (TSE)
Serverless Applications: Why, When, and How?
IEEE Softw., Volume 38, 2021
OpenDC 2.0: Convenient Modeling and Simulation of Emerging Technologies in Cloud Datacenters
CCGrid 2021
Beyond Microbenchmarks: The SPEC-RG Vision for A Comprehensive Serverless Benchmark
HotCloudPerf 2020
The SPEC-RG Reference Architecture for FaaS: From Microservices and Containers to Serverless Platforms
IEEE Internet Computing
The AtLarge Vision on the Design of Distributed Systems and Ecosystems.
IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS 2019)
Quantifying Cloud Performance and Dependability: Taxonomy, Metric Design, and Emerging Challenges
TOMPECS 3(4): 19:1-19:36
Serverless is More: From PaaS to Present Cloud Computing
IEEE Internet Computing, Sep/Oct edition, 2018
An Analysis of Workflow Formalisms for Workflows with Complex Non-Functional Requirements
HotCloudPerf 2018
  • Erwin van Eyk,
  • Alexandru Iosup,
  • Cristina L. Abad (ESPOL, Ecuador),
  • Johannes Grohmann (U. Wuertzburg, Germany),
  • Simon Eismann (U. Wuertzburg, Germany)
  • (2018)
A SPEC RG Cloud Group's Vision on the Performance Challenges of FaaS Cloud Architectures
ICPE 2018
Massivizing Computer Systems: a Vision to Understand, Design, and Engineer Computer Ecosystems through and beyond Modern Distributed Systems
International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems 2018
The SPEC Cloud Group's Research Vision on FaaS and Serverless Architectures
Second International Workshop on Serverless Computing (WoSC@Middleware 2017)
The OpenDC Vision: Towards Collaborative Datacenter Simulation and Exploration for Everybody.
ISPDC 2017 (invited paper)

Master Thesis
The Design, Productization, and Evaluation of a Serverless Workflow-Management System

Supervised Master Theses
The Design and Experimental Use of CReB, a Container Registry Benchmark

Supervised Literature Surveys
Multivocal Survey of the Function Management Layer in the Open-Source Serverless Platforms

    Teaching Assistant
Distributed Systems, MSc, TUD (on and off 2009-2014, then yearly 2014-2016)