CPU Contention Prediction for Resource and Risk Management in Datacenters

HotCloudPerf 2019 - The Second Workshop on Hot Topics in Cloud Computing Performance, Umea

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Resource contention is one of the major problems in cloud datacenters. Many types of resource contention occur, with important impact on the performance and sometimes even the reliability of applications running in cloud datacenters. Cloud applications run together on the same physical machines with different workloads resulting in non-synchronized accesses to the shared resources. This leads to cases where co-hosted applications are contending for the common resources and not receiving the demanded resource amounts. In this work, we investigate the contention in CPU resources, as CPU is allowed to be over-committed by typical SLAs. We propose a CPU-contention predictor for the demanding business-critical workloads, which require low resource contention to deliver the required performance to customers. Our predictor is based on a set of regression models and metrics which we evaluate extensively. We tune the predictor with data collected from a real-world cloud operation spanning multiple datacenters and servicing business-critical workloads.