PhD in Computer Systems - Graphalytics project at TU Delft

We are looking forward to hire a PhD student in the Graphalytics project.

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Coming soon (to open before January 1, 2018)

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The Massivizing Computer Systems (MCS) group offers an unique research environment operating at the top level of the field, especially in resource management and scheduling, and performance engineering, of large-scale distributed computing systems, with research results applied to datacenter environments, cloud computing, and big data. The MCS group has a strong track record of creating free open-source software and free open-access data artifacts. The group is also leading international consortia and industry-academia partnerships.

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Requirements for Tenure

We are actively engaged in increasing diversity in computer science programmes and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is an equal-opportunity employer. We explicitly welcome applications from female candidates.

The candidate must be proficient in English, and must be prepared to take courses for qualification as doctoral researcher.


For additional information please contact: Prof. Dr. ir. Alexandru Iosup Telephone: +31-20-59-89468 Secretariate: +31-20-59-83563 e-mail: You may find the following websites useful: Dr. Iosup’s research page: MCS group website: MCS group profile: Department of Computer Sciences: Amsterdam Data Sciene:

Applicants are requested to send us (1) a letter in which they describe their abilities and motivation, (2) a short (1-2-page) curriculum vitae, (3) 1-2 references (name(s) and e-mail adress(es)), and (4) if available, digital links to or copies of 1-2 relevant research articles.